Category: Emergency Tree Service

What Are the Costs of Tree Trimming Services in Toronto?

Tree trimming can improve the appearance and health of your tree, as well as protect power lines and keep branches off of your house or other structures. Costs of tree trimming can vary widely depending on what type of work is required, how accessible the tree is, and what equipment will be needed. The average…

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How Much Does Insurance Cover Tree Removal after a Storm?

Trees can add beauty to any property but can also pose a danger if they fall on houses or other structures. This is why homeowners insurance often pays for tree removal after a storm. The type of tree and the location it fell will affect whether or not your home insurance covers it. Many policies…

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How to Negotiate Tree Removal Costs

Trees are a natural part of nature, but they can also become hazards when they grow dangerously close to property or people. In these cases, it is essential to consider removing the tree. This will reduce the risk of injury and damage to other trees and property. A good plan for tree removal will depend…

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